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Charente Assistance siret number

Sarl Charente Assistance - Company and registration details

Raison sociale:  Charente Assistance

Gerants:  Waldeck, Richard & Waldeck, Nicola

Adresse:  15 rue du mouin a vent, Le Souterrain, 16200, Courbillac


Mail:  info@charenteassistance.fr

Siret:  847 717 840

RCS:  847 717 840 RCS Angouleme

SARL au capital sociale de €1000

Numero de TVA:  FR63848717840

Activites:  Gardiennage, entretien exterior et interior du bati, jardinage, entretien et reparation outillage lie au jardin et motoculture.


Core Area

Jarnac, Cognac, Rouillac, St Jean d'Angeley, Aigre, Chateauneuf sur Charente

From our base and head office in Courbillac, 16200 we cover the area in the map above.  If you are just outside this area please contact us as we may still be able to help.

Terms & Conditions

Charente Assistance siret

General Conditions

Goods and Materials

We are able to source most goods and/or materials for works we carry out or for properties we are responsible for. This may cover building or garden materials, household goods or food items. 

Wherever possible we will endeavour to purchase these items whilst out on general or private business. In this instance we are more than happy to pick up any items without charging for our time. However if we are required to make a specific shopping trip or travel outside of our day to day area, additional fees will apply.

Internet Shopping

We are aware that goods and materials are often cheaper online.  If we are able to purchase items from a website known to us for a cheaper price, then we are happy to do this.  However trawling through websites can be time consuming and if we are asked to source an item via this method additional fees will apply.  

In addition to this please be aware that we are not often at home to receive deliveries.  As a result of this, it may not be possible for us to order an item online unless the client is able to receive the delivery or unless the item can be delivered to a Point Relais (for which a collection charge will apply).

Charges for Goods and Materials

Where we are required to pay for any goods or materials and then seek reimbursement from the client, the cost will be subject to a handling fee of 15% of the purchase price. All purchases of this nature will be subject to this fee. 

In addition to this, should we be required to travel specifically to purchase these goods, our standard hourly rates will apply. However if we are able to source these goods whilst at or nearby the relevant shops we will do so free of charge. This fee will be applied at our discretion.

Third Party Work

Where it is not possible for us to carry out specific work ourselves, we can arrange for a third party to provide that service. This may be electrical, plumbing or other specialised work. 

We can act to introduce a third party artisan to the client and make any necessary arrangements.  It is the responsibility of the client to provide final approval for any third party artisan and their work.  We cannot be held responsible for the relationship between the client and the third party artisan or the quality of their work.  Equally it is the client's responsibility to adhere to the payment terms of the third party artisan.

Payment for third party work

Where we are asked to make any arrangements for a third party artisan, we will levy an administrative fee, to make the arrangements, including obtaining a quote (devis) on your behalf. In addition to this any site visits to meet the third party representative or allow access will be charged at our standard rates.

Additionally if we are required to pay the cost of any third party work and seek reimbursement from the client then this amount will be subject to our purchase handling fee.

Heating Fuel

We can arrange for heating fuel to be delivered.  Heating fuel must be paid for upon delivery and usually delivery slots are morning or afternoon, not a specific time. 

This service will be subject to our Third Party Admin fee in order to make the necessary arrangements.  The time spent on site waiting for the delivery will be charged at our standard rate and a reduced purchase handling fee of 10% will also be levied.


Gite Changeovers

We provide changeovers as part of our 'Quad Cover' service.  This service, including any associated booking services, is carried out as a third party service only.  The owner of the property is responsible for ensuring the property complies with all health and safety regulations, is suitably insured, registered and any income declared to the necessary authorities.

Quad Cover

Gite Changeovers are currently only available as part of our 'Quad Cover' service.  This means we will only be able to provide this service if we are also responsible for the four areas: changeovers, laundry, pool and garden.  The 'Quad Cover' service is available between 1 April and 30 September.  Rentals outside of these dates may be possible but you should contact us prior to accepting a booking to ascertain our availability.

Where we are providing this service, should other artisans be asked to carry any services which we offer, we reserve the right to withdraw all our services without notice.



We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Company and registration details

Payment for general services

Payment must be made via bank transfer or cheque  within 15 working days from the date of the invoice. 

Payment for seasonal or regular works

Works that are carried out on an ongoing regular basis or throughout the season will be invoiced at the beginning of the following calendar month. In these circumstances payment must be made by cheque or bank transfer strictly within 15 working days from the date of the invoice.

Late Payment

Invoices are sent on the first day of each month with payment due within 15 working days. Any invoices not paid by the 28th day of the month will be subject to a 10% penalty. If an invoice is unpaid for more than 30 days this may result in a suspension of service.

If payment has not been made, nor a schedule of late payments agreed upon, then the outstanding debt will be passed to a debt collection agency.


All the prices indicated on this website are inclusive of TVA (VAT) at the prevailing rate.  If that rate changes we reserve the right to change our rates accordingly.


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

House & Garden Related Conditions



We endeavour to use our own equipment wherever possible. Where this equipment is petrol driven the cost of fuel will be included in our rates.

On occasions where we use the clients equipment, this will only be done so with the prior consent of the client. We accept no responsibility for any damage or breakdown caused whilst using this equipment.

Weed Killing

Due to the high cost of weedkiller in France this service incurs a surcharge.

Waste removal

The removal of any waste in France is highly regulated and often expensive. It must be delivered to licensed sites and we must pay to use these sites.

Green Waste

We are normally able to take green/garden waste to our local dechetterie. We pay a smaller fee to use this facility and are therefore able to limit the cost to the client. The fee to remove green waste to the dechetterie will always be indicated to the client and is per visit.  At this time we are not able to use the dechetterie service  in the Charente Maritime.

Other Waste

There may be restrictions on any other waste we are able to remove from site. We will always discuss this prior to making any arrangements. Any additional costs incurred by us will be passed on to the client and be subject to the payment handling fee detailed above.


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Swimming Pool Related Conditions

Swimming pools - general 

We offer a weekly pool cleaning and chemical balancing service. However we do not undertake any repair work ourselves. In the event that repairs are required we can organise a third party specialist to do this which will be subject to our Third Party Admin fee.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any problems or damage caused to your pool, the liner or the filtration system by anyone using your pool.

Pool Opening 

We offer a pool opening service which is carried out at the beginning of the pool season. We usually carry out pool openings during the month of May but earlier pool openings can be arranged with advanced noticed.  We are not able to offer the Opening service later than May unless you are a first time client whereupon it may be possible subject to time availability.

We may be able to offer you a guide price for this service but the exact cost will always be dependent upon a test of your water.

Weekly Pool Care

We offer a weekly service for maintaining the cleanliness and chemical balance of your pool's water.  This service will include at least one clean per week although additional cleans can be chosen.  Any additoinal visits required for chemical balancing will not incur any additional costs.

Weekly Pool Care is billed every Monday regardless of which day we clean your pool.  Included in the cost is the use of slow release chlorine, shock chlorine, Ph +/- and flocculant.  Treatment of TAC+ or stabiliser chemicals and the time involved to administer them are not included.

Excluded from this service, and therefore charged in addition,  is any time spent investigating any potential faults with the pool system including the skimmers, jets, filter system, pipework and any problems resulting in water loss.

Weekly Pool Care is a fixed fee service and therfore any other works carried out whilst at your property will be charged at our standard rate.


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Garden Machinery Maintenance Related Conditions

Geographic Area

Charente Assistance is based at 16200 Courbillac.  We are able to collect and/or delivery any item of machinery within a radius of 50km of this location.

Drop off

Our workshop is not always manned and machinery drop off must be by appointment only.  Please do not arrive at our premises without an appointment as you may encounter a wasted journey.

Storing you machinery

Storage at our premises is limited and if you are unable to take receipt of your machinery within 5 days of completion of works please notify us before we receive it.  Failure to take receipt (via collection or delivery) within 5 days of completion of works may result in additional charges.


All our work is insured to a high level.  Additionally we are insured if your machinery is stolen from our premises or destroyed by fire or storms.

Payment Terms

You will be issued an invoice when your machinery is returned to you.  Payment is to be made in full upon receipt of your invoice.


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.